Advanced EnviroTech, Inc. is an environmental firm providing services for both the commercial and residential markets. Our company offers a full range of services including removal of underground storage tanks, decommissioning underground storage tanks, installation/replacement of aboveground/underground storage tanks, tank locating, soil sampling and site remediation and specialty projects.

Our knowledge and understanding of contaminated soils is our greatest asset. Our staff has been extensively schooled in the chemical and biological reactions that take place in soil environments. You can be certain you are receiving the most current information available, and every effort is made to perform the most competent and thorough work possible.
Quality and service has always been our goal. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Whether removing a tank from downtown Vancouver or replacing one in Portland, our crew is equipped with the best equipment and most professional looking vehicles in the industry.

You or your clients can feel safe with the most professional crews in our area. You can count on us to help you remove and replace oil-fuel tanks of any project size

Mailing address:

10350 N. Vancouver Way, #313,
Portland, OR 97217

Phone numbers

PDX east (503) 252-0686
PDX north (503) 289-3549

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